What is subsidence?


Subsidence occurs when the ground beneath a property begins to sink and shift downwards, pulling the building’s foundations down with it. As subsidence occurs, the foundations become misaligned and the property begins to sink into the ground unevenly. The word... read more

Woman wearing face mask at departure lounge

COVID-19 travel updates: 4th July onwards


The government has set out new regulations regarding COVID-19 which will be implemented from 4th July onwards. As some will be happy to hear, these updated rules will mean relaxed travel restrictions both within and outside of the UK. Read... read more

travel with international flight, person passenger waiting in airport departure terminal

COVID-19 & Travel Insurance


COVID-19 caused a huge stir in the travel insurance market. Holiday-goers have been left high and dry as social distancing measures cause countries across the world to close their borders. Some insurers are changing the way they operate at this... read more

What drives the price of car insurance?


The statistical nature of premium calculation means that the cost of each individual policy reflects a huge number of different factors, unique to each motorist. Everything from your age and postcode to the model of your car is used to... read more